Bey Realty Group LLC is a local real estate company in Houston that directly buys houses from you. Our goal is to make it fast and convenient to sell your home at any time. We know that not every home is going to sell on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) when listing with a real estate agent.   Even when the property does go under contract it takes an average of 60 days to get to the closing table provided you ever actually get there.  The buyer’s financing could fall through or there could be multiple contingencies in the purchase contract that give the buyer an exit.  Real estate agents usually take a large sum of money as their commission and cause many problems in the process and it can be a big hassle. 



Moreover, finding potential buyers would be a difficult process. What would be even more hectic was finding the right kind of buyer. Some buyers would make it hard to negotiate the price you want, while others would make do nit-picking and try to keep the offer as low as possible. 


We stepped into the market to end that! We are a family business, moved by concern for your future! We understand that the need for selling your home can arise at any time and therefore provide an efficient way to do it. 



Our process is based on four simple and straightforward steps. First and foremost, We take a look at your house and make an appointment. Next, we make an offer that not only meets your expectation but also exceeds it. Once that’s done, we will do the paperwork, and you will be good to go! 


We buy your home directly from you. This means there is no middle man in the process, and the deal can be made in the fastest time possible. Since there is no agent, there are no extra hidden charges! 



We are always available to hear from you and address your questions!